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24 hours of connection

2,067 Automatticians in 100 countries speaking 122 different languages.

Working for a fully distributed company makes for some fun and unique ways to connect. One of my favorites is a 24-hour virtual relay that we do twice a year. It works as follows: We divide a 24 hour period (starting at 00:00UTC) into 1 hour blocks, and one or more runners sign up for each block. On the day of the relay, we pass the “virtual” baton across countries, time zones, and oceans by sharing our runs in Slack and on Strava.

It’s fascinating to see the variety: some choose a route way out in the country, some run in the bustling city, and some folks even pivot last-minute to a treadmill or stationary bike if their local weather is unfavorable that day. Its truly a way to embrace our similarities, differences, and uniqueness across this vast planet of ours.

By darylchymko

Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

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