Intentional Living


Remember the scene from Wall-E with all the overweight peopl watching screens and drinking/eating while being moved along in chairs on a conveyor ? And how we laughed and thought it was a funny prediction of how lazy people really could be?

But then how many of us after the movie or in the days or weeks after, got back into our cars for a short ride home? Its almost the same thing, but slightly less futuristic in that we actually have to press pedals and turn the steering wheel.

When I first moved into my place in Vernon, I was driving the 1.8km trip to and from work. The thought of walking or biking didn’t even occur to me, because I was so used to driving everywhere.But then I started walking and biking, initially as a way to get more exercise. But now for short trips, especially to work, I feel like it would be _crazy_ to get in my car

When I drop my vehicle off for servicing, and decline the shuttle because I say I’m walking or taking the bus, I’m met with a look of surprise. In fact, its almost disbelief, and I’m usually askied “are you sure” several times. I realize some of this is just them trying maintain a high level of helpfulness and service but its an echo of our society that walking or getting somewhere without hoping into a car is just a CRAZY idea.

And then you stop and think about it and realize. Is it really that crazy to have to spend 10 minutes to walk somewhere?

By darylchymko

Code Wrangler and ultrarunner

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